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Regulations of the festival

Регламент на фестивала:


The festival celebrates the ability of children and young people to create original digital media products. That’s why our motto is “The world in my eyes”. One of the main goals of the festival is to provide enriching experiences with media art and thus make children more interested and eager to create.

Contacts: arlekinfestival@abv.bg FESTIVAL EVENTS:

  •  masterclasses and workshops with international lectors;
  •  competition programme.
Every participant can choose the event they want to take part in. It could be either the competion program, or the masterclasses and workshops, or both.
Children and young people between the ages of 15 and 29 can take part in the festival. They are divided in the following categories:
students - ages between 15-18
young people - ages between 19–24
independent cinema participants - ages between 25 – 29
There is no participation fee.
Every application is to be submitted by filling an online form published on the festival website arlekinfest.com. Application deadline:
Deadline for submitting materials:: :

  •  Cinema and television
  •  Web series
  •  Animation
  •  Multimedia
  •  Лугано
  •  МеЛугано

The International festival for children and youth media arts "Arlekin" supports the innovative thinking of young people.
Productions (a short movie, a documentary, a tv programme, a radio programme or a podcast) created by a team of teenagers and young people from various educational institutions (schools, universities, clubs and other) can take part in the festival.
Every media product applying for participation in the festival is submitted as a file with a name tag containing only the registration number of the participant.
Every media product approved for participation is presented in the timeframe of the festival to a jury and an audience.
After the presentation the author/s answer questions from the audience and the jury.

Every participant fills a declaration for participation in the festival which regulates the photo and videoshooting rights, the processing of personal data and the use of their product.
If the participant is under 18 years of age the declaration must also be signed by a parent/legal guardian.

The prizes in the festival are as follows:
· original statuette “Аrlekin", diploma and prizes for the winners in every category from our sponsors
· best feature film - 1000 lv
· special awards in the name of Assoc. Prof. Hacho Boyadjiev
· special award in the ecology category in the name of the journalist Petya Petrova
· debut prize – the prize is given for a first-time participation in the festival regardless of the category (with the exception of the song contest);


Videoclips made by one or more authors are eligible in this category. The team may include students from different schools and universities. The videoclip should be with HD or Full HD resolution and in any of the following formats - MP4, WMV, MPG2. It should meet the requirements of one of the following subcategories - a short film, a documentary, a reportage, a promo film. Participants who use copyrighted music or footage should also be able to present on demand a declaration for permission for the fair use of these materials. In the absense of such a permission the festival has the right to cancel the participation of the film in the competition program.

In this category the "Arlekin" prizes are given for original idea and script, for cinematography, for directing, for film montage and one prize is given in every subcate
gory for best media product. English subtitles are required. They must be in any of the following formats - SRT, SUB, SBV.

Short film

The short film should have a prominent story and developed characters. The duration of the film should be up to 15 minutes including the beginning and final credits. Participants should present a final version of their original film. There are no restrictions in regard of the selection of the actors. They could be students, teachers, parents, friends and even professional actors.


The documentary should be up to 15 minutes long. It should present an important social issue, or have an educational purpose, or tell about an event or an accomplishment.


The videoclip should be up to 3 minutes long. The reportage should cover an event or an accomplishment concerning the age group of the festival participants.


The approved participants have to present their media product and answer the questions of the jury and the audience for about 7 minutes.
The "Arlekin" prize is awarded for best web series in this category.

Promo film

The film should be up to 5 minutes long. It should advertise a favourite place (city, village, area, object). The author/s are expected to present places and people deeply connected with the area.
The videoclips approved for participation in the competition programme will be included in the interactive map of the festival published on our website.


Short animation films made with different techniques are eligible for participation in the category. The videoclips should be in any of the following formats - MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, SWF, MPG2.
The "Arlekin" prize is awarded for best animation in this category.


Eligible for participation in this category are young people up to 19 years of age. The multimedia products must be created with the help of knowledge gathered at school in the field of multimedia.
The duration should be up to 8 minutes.


„Let's save the sea“ is a special segment in the film section of the festival. The expected length is up to 15 minutes.
The films of the young authors should tell about interesting initiatives for sea preservation and their own ideas about that. The project will unite the efforts of the participants from the Black sea region /Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey/.
The collection of films about this topical issue will activate the exchange of information as well as the original ideas of the participants. It will unite them in the name of an important ecologocal topic.
The screenings in this category will be located near the sea thus grabbing the attention not only of the festival audience but of a larger public.
During the festival there will be a discussion named "Save the Black sea" and a campaign will be launched. The applications for the festival must be submitted by filling of an online form published on the festival website: arlekinfest.com. Applications submitted in any other way will be rejected. Deadline for submission 5.06.2022.
Every participant will receive a registration number after submitting the application. The content of the media products should be consistent with the good taste. Any explicit images of violence are forbidden. Every application is approved by an expert selection committee. The desicion of the committee is final.


Competition for singers of popular film or musical soundtracks.
Applications for participation must be submitted only on the festival website arlekinfest.com.
Eligible for the category are young people between 15 and 29 years of age. They could be from any country in the world.
The singers are divided in groups according to their age as follows:
I group 15 - 19 years old
II group 19 - 24 years old
III group 25 - 29 years old
IV group - duets, vocal formations, vocal bands and rock bands.

The age of the participants is decided upon the date of the competition. For underage participants it is obligatory for them to present a minor photo and video release consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian for the purposes of TV and Internet coverage of the event.

The international jury is made up of leading renowned musical experts, singers and music managers.
The five member jury chaired by Assoc. Prof. Etien Levy, director of the music competition, and Assoc. Prof. Dariyana Kumanova, director of the international participation, will nominate the best performers from all categories in the concert SPECTACLE.
The ranking could not be appealed.


Deadline for submission 15.05.2022 One performance from a soundtrack of a feature film, an animation or a musical is required.
//It is prefereble that the chosen film soundtracks are up to 10 years old and Bulgarian.//
The duration of the performance should be up to 3.30 minutes.
The list with the nominated participants in the Gala spectacle will be published on the festival website on 1.06.2022. The nominated participants will compete for the Grand Prix in the different categories on 25.06.2022 at 19.00h in the city of Varna.

The competition will be aired live on national televison stations in Bulgaria, Serbia and USA.
The jury reserves the right to nominate participants for the start of the festival who will receive special prizes.
Music composition, stage acting and vocal training for singers workshops will be held during the film festival.The lectors are from Bulgaria, Italy and Portugal.
A song composition contest will also be held during the festival.


The big prize GRAND PRIX – 1 000 lv.
"Arlequine" prize for 1st place in every age group. Diplomas.
Contact - arlekinfestival2022@abv.bg

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